Elbowz Racing is the passion project of MotoGP star, Ben Spies. Nicknamed Elbowz for his unprecedented “elbows out” riding style, Ben knows what it takes to ride two-wheeled vehicles fast. Impassioned by the sport of cycling, Ben has quickly worked his way up through it’s competitive ranks and founded Elbowz Racing in 2011 to foster the development of a select group of elite amateurs. Through his motorcycle racing experience he has firsthand knowledge of what a team should be and how it should be supported to foster success.

In 2011 we were labeled as the most exciting new team in the U.S., chalking up an impressive list of results: 70+ wins, 2nd ranked amateur team in the United States, won the Luxemburg Elite National Championship, 2nd in USA criterium series team standings, 3rd in the USA criterium individual rider standings, 1st in the USA criterium lap leader competition, two Texas state titles, and countless podiums. All-in-all it was an amazing inaugural year for both the Elbowz Racing Elite Cycling Team and our sponsors. 2012 is set for even greater rewards.