Our Eric Marcotte…

by e. marcotte..

Well, March Madness arrived. It’s been more than I expected. In fact, the word that I keep coming up with is “overwhelming”.

Saturday afternoon, in the middle of a circuit race, my chain jumped the gears and locked my rear wheel up. (based on the Garmin speed, about 40 mph) With the wheel locked, the tire eventually blew as it wore through. The road veering right, my momentum and lack of control was forward. I was forced to minimize my damage by trying to “ride it out” in the rocks, dirt, bushes and cacti.

My speed was too high and the terrain too unpredictable that it sent me through the air. Landing on primarily the left side of my body, it demolished the helmet (thank you Specialized for doing your job), and compressed the distal aspect of my clavicle quite hard. In fact, it looks like it’s in 3 pieces. Other than that, bruises on the left side of my body, and some minor scrapes as well. Incredibly, the kit I was wearing shows little to any damage. The bike, has not a scratch on it. A rear wheel was damaged, and the handlebar sustained some damage.

All in all, I am incredibly grateful for so many things, including to be here typing this today.

Although I’ve kept this a bit quiet until now, as I did not know what the damage would be nor could I see until the dust has started to settle, it has all been quite overwhelming.

The many, many months that I’ve been preparing for this season to show off the form and to help my teammates achieve their goals, I am unable to use. (anyone who has ridden/raced with me lately, especially Saturday, knows what type of form I had) and I just feel bad that I cannot be riding at this time.

More importantly, I feel extremely sad for the hundreds of people who rely upon me for their care at my clinic. That is what makes me the happiest, seeing everyone enjoy and achieve their best. It’s what keeps me going. Honestly. Looking at it, I felt so helpless as those are the means in which I feel I can serve others. Now they are gone. The prognosis is 2 months off. Adjusting, and the bike. Man what a blow.

I will go cRAzY if I am unable to help and serve others. And so, with this time, I will be finding a way to help and serve others in different ways. I’ve already begun lining up speaking arrangements with groups/athletes, and companies on Health, Wellness, Chiropractic, Nutrition, etc.

The response of my patients has been complete understanding and “overwhelming” support. As has been that in the cycling community. Numerous calls, texts, emails with everyone lending a hand out to help. That’s what has kept me strong and happy for the future.

At times like these, you can always see who is in really in your corner. I’ve always lived by “you get what you give”. Wether I’ve given that support and care to everyone, I do not know, but it was my intention to do so. I will be sure to give it back though, and to start, here is a smile. Letting you all know that I am doing fine, and look forward to the future and where this may take me. (and saddling up on this hog again soon)

Good Luck to everyone this weekend, stay safe! I’ll see you on the road soon. 🙂