Welcome To ElbowzRacing.com!

WELCOME to ElbowzRacing.com! Looks great, huh?? Thanks RD2!

Lot’s and lot’s has been happening on this end to get ready for the ‘12 season. Bikes, camp, presentation, clothing, sponsors, bikes, bikes, etc, etc…you name it, it’s going on. Lot’s and lot’s of exciting stuff in store for 2012.

First, we’ve added some fresh new faces to the crew and kept all the old ones. New to the lineup for 2012 are Sean Sullivan and Eric Marcotte.

One might remember Sean from his Toyota United days and the time he spent racing in Texas with team Hotel San Jose.  Last year he signed with Fly V. in an effort to go back to Europe.  as you might know, the Fly V. pro tour team didn’t work out, so he spent his time here racing domestically as Johnny Cantwell’s right hand man and lead-out ace. We’ll be leaning on him to use his extensive knowledge to help school our younger riders, but watch out!  He’s hungry, and looking to climb up to the top step of the podium.  In addition to his cycling talents, he’s an absolute great guy. He get’s along with everybody…an asset to any team.

Our second edition is all-around strong man, Mr. Eric Marcotte.  This guy is one of the most exciting prospects I’ve seen in years.  Two time 30+ national champion, he’s an absolute powerhouse and will be key in our 2o12 campaign…and beyond. Coupled with our current roster, he’s going to add the much needed depth we were looking for.  He’s super knowledgeable about health and fitness, owning his own chiropractic practice in Scottsdale, AZ.  We’re extremely excited we were able to sign him and have him flying the Elbowz flag.

All and all, it’s been a very rewarding off-season.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined what we accomplished in 2o11. We’ve set the bar pretty high for 2o12 but, as you’ll see from the names below, I think we can surpass….