day5.. taking it day by day.

it’s 4:45am.. can’t sleep. still miserable physically but starting to heal mentally. with each passing day, the suns shines a little brighter and the clouds start to dissipate. i’m told recovering from a injury like this is 90% mental and 50% physical.. i think the -40% is the associated $’s ; ) but i’m starting to see it’s true. it’s easy to sit here and feel sorry for myself. i mean.. i can’t walk, can’t sleep, can’t really move, bruised all over, broken, & in constant state of fogginess.. BUT i must try and look past all of this and focus on being positive and recovering.

truth be told.. the odds are stacked against me. but those who know me, know that i always enjoy a good fight ; )

again, thank you for all the texts, calls, emails, letters, and gifts.. your generosity has been absolutely amazing. without you, the road wouldn’t be so smooth..

pre-disaster.. smiling with my beautiful specialized venge.