lucky day 7.. well kinda.

So.. rough going over the past couple of days. Been in more pain than I could have ever imagined. Even the medicine doesn’t seem to take the edge off. Sleeping about 2 hr’s at a time.. but it’s not a good sleep. A very light sleep. When I do fall asleep, each and every time, I relive the feeling of the car hitting me and changing my path of direction.. both physically and mentally. Tons of muscle cramping, not from lack of fluids, I’m told it’s from the trauma. Not to forget headaches, stomach aches, blah, blah…

What I saying here is.. I love you. Our small community is seriously, absolutely amazing. From mamma Spies calling me 10x a day to check on me.. today she made me laugh so hard I cried. To her brother-in-law, Jose Zamorano, calling me and asking me if he could do anything and insisting to call back when my vm was full. To Ben thinking of me on the day of his race and taking the time to text me encouragement despite all the mayhem around him. To all our fans on Facebook emailing me and sending messages of positivity, especially Ms. Vivian. To Bill Parmlee and Heidi Armstrong for the tireless surgeon search, To DonMan for just being you. To Bret’s wife, Nikki Crosby, for the killer back massage j/k : ) To all my old, new, current, or whatever friends who just stop by, call, or text, to check on me and send me gifts. Lastly to my family and extended ELBOWZ family, i love you all, truly.

I wouldn’t be able to do this without your support. I promise! It’s hard, and it totally sucks. I could easily sit here and be super bitter, cry (more), get the surgeries over with, and just walk away. But I can’t do that.. I love sharing my life with all of you. I’d be miserable without you. I shared all the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. I’ve shared them all with YOU. And I refuse to let this slow me down.

But keep on me and I assure you that I won’t disappoint.

your surFy