By: Eric Marcotte

Minneapolis. I lived here for nearly 5 years, and it’s been nearly that long since I’ve been back. I cannot express how much I miss this place and the friends I have here. Today was a perfect day to get out of the slump of a 12 hour plus drive from Tulsa, OK on Monday.

The day started out on a ride with my friend ‘Joey C’ , his two children (Anna and Sean), their friend Gavin, and “Sully” across the numerous bike path and commuter trails system in Minneapolis. Eventually getting a little peek at the Time Trial course for the Nature Valley Grand Prix which starts tomorrow morning. I also managed to get in some quick catching up with my great friends Dale and Pat at Grand Performance Bicycle shop in St. Paul. So great to see them.

Followed this up with a quick lunch and massage, then to spin the legs one last time and soak up my old stomping grounds I took the bike out for another spin throughout the city. Also bumping into some of my first teammates, Shawn Brick and Michael Phillips along the way. How cool is that, they were the ones who started me out on the bike, good ol’ Birchwood Bike Team!! And the night ended with a great meal prepared by Joey C that saw Pete Hanna and Matt Cimino swing through for a quick brew and catch up on life. How I miss this place.

I also made sure to get adjusted by the Chiropractor I interned with 5-6 years ago, Dr. David Patterson. I wanted to thank him for not only helping me grow as a Chiropractor and bettering my adjusting skills, especially with athletes, but as a Doctor.

Originally in Latin, Doctor means “to teach”, and that is what I’d like to thank him for. My ability to connect and commentate with patients, and to help guide/teach them to make choices to bring them closer to health, rather than further from it.

Tomorrow morning our team embarks on a six stage race, Nature Valley Grand Prix, and we are all looking forward to the races this week. Each stage is a unique challenge from Time Trials to Criteriums to Road Races. We have a great crew that is on the start list, and look for the boys to shake things up a bit and make some noise.

Wish us the best of luck, and thank you so much for all the support and cheers from back home. It is quite incredible the support that you all have for us and we are truly grateful for it.