HHH Time…

So far a very successful weekend..

FRIDAY NIGHT CRITERIUM: Heathy Blackgrove and late break addition, Eric Marcotte, rocked all and went 1,2 with Mr. Helmig cleaning up for 4th. The entire team rode amazing to clean up the primes and 66% of the podium spots.

SATURDAY ROAD RACE: Once again, it was Eric Marcotte and Heathy Blackgrove taking the race by the horns. Under Heathy’s direction, the entire crew ripped the race to shreds leaving only 3 at the front to battle it out for the win.

Tomorrow is another criterium. With Heath sitting 1st overall and Eric 2nd, we’re going to have a fight on our hands to defend.

Three of my favorites.. (l-r) Bubba, Heathy, and Eric.