Love of the road…

By: Eric Marcotte

Two paths cross of two completely different people and lives. Yet, the
love, respect, and appreciation for the road and where it takes us
brought us together. At the Mormon Lake Lodge in Flagstaff, AZ there
was a biker rally for those who did not make the pilgrimage to Stugis.

The group ride out of the Pay N’ Take makes a pit stop there and I had
the opportunity to meet and have a conversation with “Bigg Mike” about
just that. I talked about the fear and thoughts as we cyclists clip
into the pedals, and he echoed the defensive riding of those on the
motorized two wheels.

I recently had a patient hit by a car and went down hard. The car
slowed, then sped off. It is that lack of respect for others that is
so detrimental and scary. My cousins visiting here in Flagstaff
(13/16yrs old) tell me they’re afraid to bike around because of cars
when asked if they ride a bike like I do. Not something I’d like to
hear, as I’d love for them to enjoy the open road and explore where it
may take them.

I understand most that may read this are already cyclists and share
these thoughts and concerns each day. But for those whose
consciousness it may enter, please share the road with the ones who
love it and look to it each day. Thank you.