By: Christian Helmig

As we are finally back in Texas for a while and we have some down time, I get to catch up with sorting through all my files from the last couple of weeks of racing. Usually I don’t pay too much attention to the overall values for a month but now that I am uploading a whole months worth of data I have them on hand and might as well share, just for the fun of it. So here we go (those numbers include only whatever we did on the road bike, no tt bike or other activities):

Overall, I spent about 61.5 hours or close to 2,000 km (1,200 miles) on the bike. Most of that was training but it does include the Boise Twilight Crit and Cascade. This definitely isn’t my biggest months but considering all the travel (flying back from Europe and traveling cross country in the van after Cascade) this isn’t too bad. I burned 27,226 calories and climbed 18,597 meters, that’s 61,013 ft. Finally, coming down on one of the descends (in Austin) we hit 90 km/h (56 miles/h) as max speed for the month. Good times 😉