Joe Martin and Mr. Diaz

Joe Martin SR
by Andres Diaz Corrales

I got 9th in the TT to start. I was hoping the next stage would be an aggressive race, but it was very slow so that keep everybody together to the finish line. The next stage was pretty different, with Amaran in the breakaway it made the race very fast so it allowed me to attack in the last climb. More than 10 guys got on me and started working together. We caught the other guys in front of us. It was great, but for the last 30km the guys were not organized so it allowed the group to get closer. My teammates were working pretty hard to keep the advantage, then Mancebo and Haga get onto us and we were able to finish with a little difference, which moved me up to 6 place in GC. The criterium was short, only 85 minutes, so it was difficult to try to attack the yellow jersey. It finished the same way for the GC, but for the stage Travis and Marcotte had a great ride for second and third place in the stage. I’m very happy being on this team. All my teammates are working for the same goal and taking care of each other. This is a great team.