Joe Martin Stage Race: Stages 1 & 2, By Stefan Rothe


Back in Arkansas for Joe Martin Stage Race. Done that race now 6, 7 or 8 times? This year with ELBOWZ and it’s pretty as usual up here. A few impressions from the last 3 days below:



       Beautiful day to be at Devil’s Den State Park
Added some extra weights to meet the 6.8kg UCI weight limit
Party in the back, business up front. Ended up with a 9:01 for the TT


Day 2, easy pre-race spin: the Frisco Trail through Fayetteville is as good as it gets. No race photos today. Ended up 23rd after 100miles of somewhat easy riding and 10miles hard racing up Mt. Gaylor. Tony & I were safe in the bunch.


Day 3:  easy spin w/ Adam & Stanley. We’re in Razorback Country!
They take their Tailgating seriously. Go Hogs!
Old VW on the Square


Farmers Market, sans Adam’s face.


Farmers Market, with Adam’s face. He’s enjoying the scenery


If you’re in Fayetteville, go to Little Bread Company and check out their Pecan Sticky Buns and Rolls. Funny crowd there, too. Mix of old and young, hip and not-so hip. This morning, kids playing guitars and singing….and dancing (“Flower Child Dance” by the guy on the left)