Enzo’s ButtonHole…

By: Sean Sullivan

This winter I popped into my local shop for some chamois cream. Button Hole was on special, this was the first time I’d seen the Enzo brand, so I grabbed one, gave it a try then was back the next day to stock up! A week later I arrive at training camp to find out they are a sponsor. So I had a bit of a stockpile for a while… but seriously good stuff.

The Embro stick has saved us more than once this year. Look at the pic from Joe’s win at San Dimas, full rain weather gear, the conditions were horrible that day but our legs were toasty warm. I grew up in Tasmania, spent a lot of time in northern Europe and now live in Colorado so I know my heat creams! And the no touch application system means that all the right creams end up in the right places if you know what I mean!

Last week at the Cannon Falls road race in MN the weather had once again turned south. The pro teams were still in street clothes with their bikes still on racks on top of the cars, their team managers refusing to start. Our jack-of-all trades and team manager for this event Aaron Smathers was front and center at the managers meeting arguing for the race to go on. Our bikes were ready, kits were on and Enzo’s on the legs. Finally it was cancelled, probably a good decision considering the storm that ripped through shortly after. The Elbowz crew had to go and grab some pizza and a coupe of cool beverages to cool off the heat behind the knees. This stuff definitely works!