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climbing the ladder of..

success.. i guess it’s different to everyone. i know many people who define it with 0’s. some who define it by titles. others define it with the ever elusive victory. me.. i’ve been all across the board.. each category. these days.. i’m not really sure. the older i get, the smaller and more petty it […]

thanks for the memories, redlands!

21 hr days & very little sleep = moving slow. working up a blog post on elbowzracing.com now. i’ll post up when ready. but hey.. despite the bad luck and long days, we had a great time! thank you redlands for the memories!

the rainy deets… by. my marcotte.

On the eve of the first NRC stage race of the year, I can’t help but be excited for the team that is competing in REdlands, CA this weekend. From my laptop last weekend I saw the potential of what our team and riders can do against some of the best in the country in […]

ELBOWZ Wins in San Dimas!

you know the story.. david vs. goliath. in an epic battle.. ELBOWZ, joseph schmalz, wins against all odds. we’re sitting 2nd overall right now.. 2″ back. expect fireworks in the criterium today.. it’s gonna be gangbusters.

Our Eric Marcotte…

by e. marcotte.. Well, March Madness arrived. It’s been more than I expected. In fact, the word that I keep coming up with is “overwhelming”. Saturday afternoon, in the middle of a circuit race, my chain jumped the gears and locked my rear wheel up. (based on the Garmin speed, about 40 mph) With the […]

Welcome To ElbowzRacing.com!

WELCOME to ElbowzRacing.com! Looks great, huh?? Thanks RD2! Lot’s and lot’s has been happening on this end to get ready for the ‘12 season. Bikes, camp, presentation, clothing, sponsors, bikes, bikes, etc, etc…you name it, it’s going on. Lot’s and lot’s of exciting stuff in store for 2012. First, we’ve added some fresh new faces […]

Early Season Elbowz

Stepping off the plane in Dallas I was looking forward to a bit of respite from the Colorado winter.  Boulder CO is a great place to live, and boasts over 300 days of sunshine every year, but by the time February comes around and the serious miles need to be put in the wintery cold […]

Video: Elbowz Cycling Team – Austin to Dallas

Watch Ben Spies and a few other members from Elbowz Racing, take a journey on their bikes from Austin to Dallas.  A couple members who reside in Austin rode about 80 miles with the others before turning around and making the trek back to Austin.  This is how they like to kick-start their 2012 training. […]